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Google Compares Broadband Vendors

Google evaluates how well YouTube streams videos and how often it slows and buffers. Then it correlates that with place and ISP. Google has now posted this information so we are able to evaluate the streaming performance of our local vendors. The site is live and interactive showing the results for the last 30 days. It displays the results by time of day. http://www.google.com/get/videoqualityreport/

Local Results

Comcast xfinity service fairs best with the ability to stream HD more that 90% of the time.

Frontier and Century Link are only able to reliably stream Standard Def. There is an option to compare with other providers in your area at the bottom of the window on the right.

Services are rated at High Def if they can reliably stream 720p HD over 90% of the time.

They are rated at Standard Def if they can only stream at 360p 90% of the time.

Here is the link to a description of their methodology.

Date: June 2014

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