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Truecrypt Issues

Truecrypt is just about everyone's number one encryption option, allowing us to encrypt entire partitions or just files within a volume.

This was far and away the best option for most users and the one accepted by the most security experts. It is Open-Source and cross-platform. Because it was so well regarded and so widely used, an IndieGoGo project was initiated to do a full professional security audit. Their funding goal was $25,000 and they quickly raised over $45,000. Their IndieGoGo project page is here. Their first report came out and has found it initially at least, very solid.

Then something happened that shocked the security community. The programmers who supported it all quit and closed the project. No one knows why. Personally, I am guessing that they were miffed that they had worked for over a decade for nothing to make a project everyone loved, and then someone raised $45,000 to check up on them.

What now?

For the time being, those who have used Truecrypt should continue using it. There is no reason to switch. Furthermore, the open source community will probably pick up the project, get some corporate support and breath new life into it making it better than ever.

For those who want to start a new project now, and are nervous about using dead software, there are two good options available:

Drive Partition Encryption

If you want to encrypt an entire partition there is a good Open Source option available called DiskCryptor. Don't use this for the boot drive, but it will work well for a partition carved off your boot drive or for an external drive. This works pretty much like TrueCrypt's full drive or partition option.
Info: https://diskcryptor.net/wiki/Main_Page
Downloads: https://diskcryptor.net/wiki/Downloads

Volume Encryption

For $30 Cryptainer ME from Cypherix Software should work fine. It will allow you to create a file volume to mount and store files in. It works like Truecrypt's Volume encryption.

Single File Encryption

7zip works well for encrypting any file or group of files. For pdf files, most good PDF readers will encrypt them. This is what I normally use to send someone a private file.

More Help

If you want some help looking at whether or which or how you may benefit from encrypting some or all of your files, call me. There are other programs better suited for specific situations as well as some experience necessary to help you find the right options and making sure your backups will work properly with them.

Date: June 2014

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