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Google Drops storage costs

Great for non-private files

Google Drive is really a very good place to store files you want that do not need to be kept private. Not long ago they lowered their prices and it is now about $24/yr for 100 GB or as little as $120/yr for a full terabyte. I strongly recommend using a real encrypted backup solution for business data and other files the might need to be private. But, for files that do not need privacy and where you want a lot of cheap but reliable storage, Google drive makes a lot of sense.

Good for Archives - even private ones

It can also make sense to archive old business files if you were to zip them with strong encryption first and then upload the archive. That way you are not depending on Google for any encryption. Encrypting Zip files is quick and simple using 7zip.

Second copy will backup to Google Drive

Second Copy, my preferred backups program will backup perfectly to Google drive, so you can easily automate your backups. Also, your files will be available across all your devices.

Date: June 2014

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