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What is Reddit?

Reddit is incredible. Some mornings I read Reddit over breakfast, and emerge only after an hour or more from my Reddit trance. I could write an article explaining Reddit, but I found this video from CGP Grey where he explains it in less than 5 minutes and does such a good job, just watch his video. After being thoroughly impressed, check out some of his other videos, or better yet, subscribe to his video channel.

On my smaller devices I use the app Reddit is fun Golden for my reddit viewing. The Golden version is simply the paid version of Reddit is Fun. You can start with the free version to check it out. I view within the browser on my Windows machine and 10" tablet.
  • Reddit is fun paid:
  • Reddit is fun free:

There are other apps for Reddit, but I can't stop reading Reddit long enough to check them out.

Date: April 2014

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