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Has you account been compromised?

Troy Hunt has created a well regarded and oft used site called "Have I been Pwned?" or https://haveibeenpwned.com. For those who are not up to date with Internet slang, pwned is a term used for owned, or totally dominated. It is pronounced like owned, but with a P in front.

Troy has compiled all the mail addresses of 18 compromised websites covering 160 million accounts. You put your email address (or addresses) into the form and it looks to see if it is listed on any of the compromised accounts. No information is retained by Troy Hunt.

I was surprised to learn that many years ago I made a Sony account that I had completely forgotten about, and Sony got hacked, losing my email address and password hash. They would still need to crack my password, but I logged in and changed my password anyway.

I recommend checking your email addresses against this database and changing you password for compromised sites, if you haven't done so already. If you've already  changed your email address for that particular break-in, then there is no reason to do so again.

Date: April 2014

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