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Adding Image Backups to your routine

What will a backup image do for you?

You are protected in case of:
  • If your hard drive fails completely, you will be able to install a new one and be back up and running in a couple of hours. Otherwise, you are talking about a full day or more.
  • If Windows goes crazy and won't let you do anything, you will be able to restore the entire system to a known good time.
  • If you are hit by a particularly bad virus that cannot be cleaned.
  • If you get wiped out by a Microsoft update.

I recommend adding a monthly image backup to your regular daily data backup. In addition to the image backup, you must make and test a boot CD to be sure you can boot from that device and load the recovery software and access the backup.

What if I do not have an image backup?

Without an image backup you will either use a factory restore disk (assuming you made or purchased them) or a re-install of windows and the associated drivers (video, sound card, network etc.). After that you will need to install all your software. Then do all the updates that have occured since your restore disks were made. Then your data backup. This can take a full day or more.

Recommended Product

I've been using Macrium Reflect Standard edition for years and it is great. I use it on client machines and so far it has never failed me. Home users can even use the free edition for personal (not commercial) use. The standard version will run on a schedule and will even send you an email confirming completion.

Date: December 2013

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