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Website Automates fake IDs

For many purposes, a scan of your driver's license, passport or utility bills is sufficient for identification. Many banks, online gambling sites, and online money transfer providers require scanned ID documents. There is now an online e-commerce site to automate the process for fraudsters and other cyber-criminals.

You give the site the fake id to use and it will provide fake scans for that ID. It serves the International cyber-criminal community, so the passports, bank statements, utility bills and driver's license scans are city and country specific.

Apparently the results are very good. The templates that are used, even show signs that they have been used and are both front and back. Often the image is slightly askew, as if you put it in your scanner slightly crooked.

Document prices run from $8 to $11 each. The U.S. Passport being the most expensive.

Referenced Article: Computer World, August 27, 2013

Date: October 2013

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