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Good File Sharing Site: Shared.com

Every couple of years I do an article on some site that makes it easy to share files, especially large files. One of the most exciting I've seen is shared.com. This site is interesting because it gives you 100 GB of storage for free. This is not a backup site. There is no backup program. There is no picture sharing software on it; but it is a place you could store and share large files for free.

You create an account, and then you can upload files and share them with anyone you like. There is nothing for you to install. It is all done through your browser. Once you have an account, you can create folders and click on the upload link and an image pops up asking you to upload files.

You either drag files to it or click on the ADD FILES button to upload your file. You create the folders you want and manually upload the files. You cannot upload whole folders, only the files within them.

Anytime you want to share a file, you can login, highlight the file from your browser and select share. It will create a link to that file.

If you want to email the link to someone, there is an email option right there, as well as a copy button you can use to copy the link and then add it to an email you create from your email program. The recipient of the share will get an email with the link. When they click on it, they go to Shared.com and have a chance to download the file using their browser. They do not need an account or special software.

You need to provide your own security. They say they are secure, but do not believe it. They mean that they are secure in transit. That is secure during the time it is uploaded and downloaded, not while on their servers.

This does not replace a real backup system. But, if you uploaded a file to shared.com you would have the ability to access that file from anywhere as well as share it with others. This should prove a useful option for some people's needs, and yikes, 100 Gigabytes!

Date: October 2013

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