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Free Books from Amazon

Freebooksifter is a well classified easy to browse site that gives you an excellent view of over 25,000 free E-books on Amazon. I've found some gems here. These are readable on any Kindle reader, so it works with Kindle for Android as well as regular Kindle readers. It has a great category filter, and then sorts the books by number of ratings and shows the average rating. This makes it easy to find books you'd like to read.

There are 27 main categories. If you chose, "Mystery and Thrillers" that further divides into: Mystery, Police Procedurals, and Thrillers. Fiction subdivides into 16 other categories. Biographies and Memoirs subdivides into 8 categories. Since they list them by how many ratings, the most popular are on top and the ratings are in the next column. For example, in Science Fiction / High Tech: Turing Evolved by David Kitson was rated 350 times and averaged 4.6 stars. I had to get it. So far I'm enjoying it.

Sometimes, authors and publishers decide to release the Ebook of the first book of a series for free as advertising for the series. This is a great way to get introduced to new authors and books.


Date: February 2013

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