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Two Great Alternative Word Processors

Rather than big expensive clunky word processors, more and more people are choosing smaller, leaner quicker and cheaper alternatives. Here are two.

Jarte for Simple Word Processing

I have very little need for a big word processor anymore. I prefer one which is small, fast and simple. I also want it free or very inexpensive. My preferred word processor is Jarte. It won't do all the things that a big word processor will do, but I seldom find anything I want to do that it will not do.

If your word processing needs are fairly light, then you too might find this simple program a joy.

Google Docs

I really like Google Docs. This word processor is always available if I have an Internet connection, links to my Google Drive (with its 5 GB of free space), and offers me everything I want in a word processor. For example, this article was written with Google Docs, online inside my browser. You'll notice the header at the top and the two subheads. Google Docs makes it simple to define headers, and subheads and normal text and other styles you want to use repeatedly. This way, all my headers and subheads are the same. In addition, it can save in a wide variety of formats, insert graphics and tables, create links, email as an attachment, and everything else I ever want to do. Of course it does on the fly spell checking.

Everything is very easy, including sharing the document or collaborating.

One of the cool things is that when you are working with someone else, you can watch it change, on your screen, as they work on it.

They also have excellent help files, and thousands of templates for various purposes. They make it easy to insert images, make hyperlinks, do research, share, format text with a stylesheet that remains constant, and everything I need to do simply and easily.

Go ahead and give it a whirl.

Date: August 2012

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