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Sending Large Files

We sometimes need to send large files that cannot or should not be sent as Email attachments.

The basic idea

You upload your file to someone, and they store it for awhile and send the recipient a link to download the file. This way email and size limits are bypassed. These two services also provide you a space to hold the files so additional people can access them. If you need security, you should encrypt the file before uploading.

Two Good Options

I disqualified any complex systems and any that required the recipient to sign up for an account. Two excellent choices remained.


They have a free account which you do not even need to sign up for. Remember however, that if you don't sign up for an account, they can't tell your recipient who you are, so you should probably call or email letting them know that TransferBigFiles will be used to send them a big file. Without an account they keep the files for 5 days and then delete them. Each file is limited to 100 MB (which is probably sufficient for most of your needs). The interface is super easy and the service is quick.

In addition to an anonymous service, They offer various accounts, the smallest two are:
  • Free: 1 GB of total storage. Each file can be 100 MB. Files expire in 5 days. 20 downloads per file.
  • Escape Pod: $5/mo or $48/yr: 5 GB of storage. Up to 2 GB per file. 100 downloads per file.

This service is simple, clean and very easy to use. With paid accounts lots of features become available.


DropSend has a free account which offers 2 GB file sizes and 5 sends per month. It is also very nice. There will be some advertising if you don't pay anything. Each file is allowed 10 downloads per month and you have 250 MB of free storage. For $5/mo you get 15 sends per month and 1GB of online storage.

Both of these services are very easy to use. If you sign up and use one, let me know how you liked it.

Date: April 2012

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