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My New Website

I have completely re-done my website so it seems entirely new. I love it. From the Home page I break down the major parts of my business and describe the work I do in each area along with links to articles, forms and other information that should be useful.

Below that is the current Newsletter, followed by an article search. The search should let you find any article I've written or whether I've written about something. Below that is a category browse of my Newsletter articles so you could browse through my articles by category with the newest articles first.

All the articles from the last three years were brought forward as well as those I thought were important from earlier.

The site was designed and built by Peter Miller (I did help with the design). It incorporates his Custom Content Management System so I can quickly edit any of the main pages as well as produce my Newsletter without needing to deal with the HTML coding. The site is fast, easy and secure. It is also easy for me to maintain.

Checkout http://steveshank.com and look around. Email me if you have any suggestions.

Date: February 2012

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