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No. Never buy from an Ad

We frequently get advertisements for seemingly wonderful products in emails or see them while browsing the Internet. NEVER EVER click on that ad and buy the product.

Never ever buy or get anything from any advertisement in any email or web advertisement. Do your own research and get your own stuff and go to it yourself. Do not click on the email advertisement unless it is from a company you know and trust. You could investigate an advertisement you find on the web, but never buy from it.  Never click on any link sent you by anyone to buy anything.

Do your due diligence and find the best product for your needs. Ask friends and experts what they use. Read reviews on Amazon or Buy.com or BestBuy. Do a Google search. The chance that the email or advertisement is  a scam or link to malware is just too high. If the product is so great, then it'll come up as you investigate those products for those needs on your own.

Do not be fooled if they give you a link to reviews that they point you to raving about how great their product is and having a link to buy it. Check it out independent of any links they send you.

Date: December 2011

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