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Quarterly Maintenance Check

I've begun offering a quarterly maintenance check. Call or email me if you'd like me to add your name to my routine maintenance checks. Clients who have signed up for a quarterly review get a call from me every three months to review the following items:

Antivirus up to date? and working?  
Antivirus Doing regular scans?  
Regular Defrag?  
Secunia: all programs patched?  
Winpatrol odd startups?  
MS Updates being done?  
Backups to local drive working ok?  
Online Backups working ok?  
Spyware Blaster: Being updated?  
MalwareBytes being done regularly?  
Browser : WOT and settings ok?  
Temp files being removed?  
Any other issues?  


Feel free to use this checklist yourself. Most clients have me do this review remotely, but I sometimes go onsite for it. If you are keeping things up to date, then the review is very quick. If you are not keeping things up to date then it'll take longer to do everything. If you are confident you can handle this yourself, then there is no need for me to check up on you, or perhaps you'd like me to check only once a year. Its up to you.

Winpatrol is at http:⁄⁄www.winpatrol.com - it is the barking scotty dog. I've done newsletter articles about it that are online in my newsletters: http:⁄⁄www.steveshank.com⁄Newsletters Search for winpatrol.

Backup check: - I'm looking for what files to check and to look at the backup for a few of those files. Obviously your accounting, but also perhaps a spreadsheet or something else you've written recently or revise a lot. I recommend a local backup to a hard drive as well as the online backup. Essentially, you need to review your backup every quarter to make sure the files you think are getting backed up are really getting backed up.
SpywareBlaster is a program that should be updated and have the new protections applied monthly.

Malwarebytes should be updated and the computer should be scanned for malware monthly. It is at http:⁄⁄www.malwarebytes.org . It is a supplement for scanning monthly. I don't recommend the paid version that runs all the time.

Is a system setup to frequently remove temp files? Here is a link to the program I recommend for deleting temp files: http:⁄⁄code.google.com⁄p⁄mulder⁄downloads⁄detail?name=TempCleaner.2009-02-24.zip&can=2&q=&sort=-uploaded  It is simple and checking the box will have it run every time the computer starts.

Date: June 2011

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