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Volume Control Easy

3rvx 2.5 is a small free program that runs in your system tray and makes it easy to control the volume. I frequently play video from my computer and find the sound is often too low and often too high.  I hate to adjust the volume on my speakers, which will need adjusting again  the next time. The computer's audio volume is inconvenient to use. When I found this little gadget it made my day.

I hold down the windows key and scroll the mouse up to increase the volume and down to decrease it. That's it. I find myself adjusting the volume much more often now that it is so easy.

Download from Snapfiles: http:⁄⁄www.snapfiles.com⁄get⁄3rvx.html

Author's site: http:⁄⁄matthew.malensek.net⁄#⁄Software⁄

Date: June 2011

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