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Minimizing Your Online Backup Size

For those of you using MySecureBackup, I'm learning screencasting by doing a series of three Screencasts (doing videos and audio explaining what is happening on the screen). Expect a number of these supplementing my Newsletters. The first three are:


  1. Cleaning up your backup: www.screencast.com⁄t⁄Upr5kGpzbnU . This explains why your backups get bigger as time goes on, how to determine the size of your backup and the basics of reducing the size.
  2. Using the Web Interface: www.screencast.com⁄t⁄AD01ucH1uT . This one shows you how to access your backup files from the Internet through your browser and download files you want or delete those you don't want.
  3. Using a Network Drive: www.screencast.com⁄t⁄WOVSSfdaEvO . This one shows you how to make a network drive so you can access your internet backup just as if it were another drive on your computer. You can copy files from it or copy files to it as well as deleting or moving files.
Pdf File: www.steveshank.com⁄mybackup⁄BackupCleanup.pdf . This is a pdf file going over the same information with screen captures and a little more explanation.

The PDF paper describes how to use a newer web interface, while the video uses the older interface. I occasionally had some problems with the newer interface and decided the older one was more reliable.


Date: June 2011

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