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Safer USB Drives

When we travel with important applications or information on our flash drives, we could lose them. There are ways to make them safer. I make sure that all the information on my flash drive which is sensitive is encrypted. Also Truecrypt can be used on flash drives for excellent security. However, there are now some flash drives that take care of this for you.


Corsair Padlock thumb drive

One option is the Corsair Padlock thumb drive. This drive is a little larger than normal flash drives, and actually has a hardware padlock and numeric keys. You put in a padlock number and then that is required to access the drive. The system works well and is definitely worth considering for anyone who uses a flash drive.



Kingston has a hardware based usb drive with excellent speed and encryption http://www.kingston.com/flash/dt_secure.asp security for windows only.


The Most Secure

Ironkey has the most impressive and most secure flash drive I've heard of. They have a flash demo here which is very cool in itself. Ironkey flash drive demo: https://www.ironkey.com/demo

A short summary of features:

  • Hardware encryption with self-destruct mechanism (if more than 10 password errors or physically opened).
  • Online encrypted Backup service. You can upload your Ironkey data securely to their service and retrieve it if you flash drive is stolen or lost.
  • They have a password safe program pre-installed.
  • They offer a VPN service so you can connect anonymously and securely from anywhere
  • Though they claim super speed, the tests I've seen indicate pretty normal speeds.
  • Portable Firefox pre-installed
  • Windows only

Their 4 gig drive can be purchased for under $150 and includes a year of their online browsing and backup service.


Date: January 2008

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