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Two More Great Firefox Add-ons


Invisible Hand

The Invisible Hand shows you alternative websites that sell the same product you are looking at (or Google searching) and sometimes reviews. They only work with large well established companies. For those of us who do a lot of online shopping, this can be a real time and money saver. The insert is just a couple of lines and isn't too distracting (see screen capture below). Even if it can't find a better price, it is nice to get a message that this is the best price of the 8 online retailers selling this product. Sometimes the customer reviews are helpful as well.




Image Zoom

Sometimes a website show a screen shot or other graphic and you wish it were larger. Not enlarging everything, just that image. Once you examine it, you want to make it smaller again. Image Zoom allows you to do just that. There are features I don't use, so this isn't comprehensive, but I point to an image and hold down the Right Mouse button, then use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the image size. This is often useful when I really want to read a screen image on a website that doesn't show it large enough.


Date: July 2010

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