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Time and Chaos Tutorials

As many of you know, I use the program Time and Chaos to manage my contacts, calendar and todo lists. It works great. It is small fast and inexpensive. It networks well and I can put the whole program and years of data along with over 1,000 contacts on a thumb drive and not take up much of the space available. All my contacts, along with years of linked appointments and todo items is under 3 megabytes. The program itself is also small and runs great off the thumb drive.

Chaos Software has begun making online tutorials to help you get more from the software. The tutorials are at: http:⁄⁄chaossoftware.com⁄university⁄ . These tutorials have rather poor audio with the sound somewhat scrambled, but should give someone considering Time and Chaos an overview of its features and it will give users in depth knowledge that will be useful on many aspects of the program. They are very useful despite the scrambled audio.

Date: March 2008

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