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Read it Later, Firefox Add-on

Update: Read it later became Pocket which got embedded into Firefox, so the extension is no longer available: Jan 2018

I am using this all the time. It is a great add-on. Whenever I might want to refer back to a web page, but don't want to permanently save a bookmark, I use it. If I am research an upcoming purchase and I find a web page I may wish to return to, I simply click the Read it later check in the address bar. It then adds it to my "read it later" list". I use it for Newsletters or articles I don't have time to read. When I read the Newsletter or article, or purchase the item I've researched, I click the red checks in the read it later list and they vanish.


How I Use It

I don't do any of the fancy stuff. I don't have them synchronize or even have an account. What I do is check the mark this add-on puts into the address bar when I want to refer back to a web page but don't need a permanent bookmark.

When I have time to read it, or want to return the that shopping page, I click on my reading list.


To read it I just click the link, to delete it I click the red check.




It Can do More

  • Save pages to a reading list to read when you have time
  • Offline Reading Mode - Read the items you’ve saved for later on the plane, train, or anywhere
  • Access Anywhere - Manage your list in any browser, on any device. Your list is saved on readitlaterlist.com for web access. (Optional but enabled by default)
  • RSS Feeds - View your list from anywhere with automatic rss feeds of your items
  • Sync Between Computers - Sync your reading list with any number of computers, work or home. I use XMarks to Synchronize all my bookmarks, so I don't use Read it Later for that purpose.
  • After reading, bookmark pages on your preferred bookmarking service
  • Click to Save Mode - Quickly batch a reading list just by clicking on interesting links


Date: August 2009

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