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Reduce your Java Cache    

If your browser takes forever to open, it could be due to an overloaded Java cache. Whether that is an issue or not, it makes sense to reduce the Java cache from the ridiculous size that is default. On most of the machines I've checked, Java has allowed 1 gigabyte of space for temporary files. These are files it will store on your hard drive so it doesn't need to go to the Internet for them. I can't figure out how Java could possible use more than 40 to 60 Megabytes of space. For example, my cache had 3 previous java security fixes stored in its cache, as if I'd need to save the fix that was fixed by the last fix.

The Java Control Panel applet lets you clear Java's temporary Internet cache and reset the default cache size to a more reasonable amount. From Windows Control Panel select Java.

Then from the General Tab, choose Settings.

1. Delete the files 2. Lower the settings to something around 40 to 60 Megabytes. 3. Click OK

Click Apply on the general screen and you're done.

Date: January 2010

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