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Adding Notes to Shortcuts

Ever wonder what that program you downloaded really does? Did you forget? Here's a trick. Right click on the shortcut and fill in the comment with whatever reminder you want.

Then, when you hover your mouse over the icon, it will show your reminder.

This will not only work for icons on the desktop or in folders on the desktop, it can be used for the shortcuts in the Program Menu List as well.

You can even use it to give yourself usage hints!

I am starting to use it to give short tips about how to use the maintenance software I install on client computers.

Warning! After you comment a shortcut, you might check and get fooled into thinking it isn't working because it doesn't. That's because Windows hasn't yet re-read the shortcuts so it is not showing your new comment. Just press F5 to get Windows to rescan and then your shortcut tooltip will appear.

Date: January 2010

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