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A Phishing Test

Chances are that in the past week you've received an e-mail that pretends to be from your bank, e-commerce vendor, or other legitimate on-line site. Hopefully you've realized that many of these e-mails are fake. The sender of these fake e-mails wants you to click on the link and go to the phishing Web site, which may look just like the Web site of the company being phished. They hope to obtain your account, financial, credit and other identity information. Of course not every e-mail you receive is a phish. Your bank or e-commerce vendor will send you legitimate e-mail. But how can you tell the difference?

Highly respected security Firewall vendor SonicWall has created a test where they present 10 different emails, some legitimate some phishing scams and ask you to differentiate. You label each of the 10 as either legitimate or Phishing. If you understand Phishing you should be able to get all 10 right. After grading you, they will review each one and show you how you could have discerned the difference, so it is also a teaching exercise. This is an excellent learning experience. I strongly recommend it.


Date: December 2008

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