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Mozilla Begins Browser Plugin Checking

When Mozilla began checking for the flash plugin security, they found that 50% of the people using Firefox were using obsolete version of flash with known exploits. For that reason they began to accept some responsibility for helping us keep our plugins current. They have this website which will check many of your plugins, but haven't figured out how to check most of them.


You should be using Secunia (http://secunia.com ) to check your plugins and more. If you have holes in programs, including plugins, that connect to the Internet, then you can expect hundreds of viruses to be written to exploit them. Therefore, closing the hole is one of the best things you can do, and not closing the holes among the most dangerous.

Beginning with version 3.6 Firefox has built-in plugin checking, where if your plug-ins are not up to date, they will direct you to this page. To check your plug-ins in version 3.6 select TOOLS⁄ADDONS⁄PLUGINS


Date: January 2010

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