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Here We Go Again...

Darn you Microsoft!  Microsoft has once again made one of those absolutely insane blunders that makes you wonder whether they have 2 brain cells altogether up there in Redmond. You just shake your head and thank God you aren't immortal. I will escape this nut house.

They have a new technology we don't want. It is OneClick. This allows websites to more easily install and run software on our computers. It has already been hacked. They installed it with the last Dot Net 3.5 Service pack. Didn't you notice? While doing the service pack, they added a Firefox extension that enabled it inside of Firefox. They did this without any permissions. Yes, for those of us who use Firefox to avoid the criminally insane security vulnerabilities of Active X, they have stealthily installed the "new active X" inside of Firefox. But wait, there's more! Not only did they create a security nightmare, and then install it without permission as part of a security update!!!, into a competitor's product!!!, but they disabled the ability to uninstall it.

I want to repeat that. They disabled the ability to uninstall the security hole they installed without permission into Mozilla Firefox. If you think the Harry Potter movie was big, the backlash this created was just as big! On July 3, I did a Google Search on their Click Once technology. It produced as many hits explaining how to remove it from Firefox as it did for the technology itself.

Don't bother to uninstall it. Just disable it. When you upgrade to version 3.5 of Firefox, you'll find this insanity is incompatible with Firefox version 3.5 and will not be added. Of course, Microsoft may find a way to alter the code to avoid having this security hole disabled.

Date: July 2009

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