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Security Tip

A friend and fellow consultant David Cornelius (of Cornelius Concepts), wrote to me after reading my last Newsletter:

I have one suggestion to help cut down on fraud when using PayPal: use a unique email account.  I have an email account I use only for a few select financial institutions.  I don't use that email account for any other correspondence and no one personally knows about that account.  If I get any financial email on any other account, I instantly know it's phishing.  Also, no one who finds out my public email address from a forum posting, business card, or any other method will be able to get to my PayPal account, because it's not the one used for my PayPal account.

Just another thought!

This seemed like a pretty good idea to me, so I thought I'd share it. You could also setup an email address for use in public forums that might get picked up by spammers which would be used for non-business related stuff and which could be dumped when it started getting spam.  It is very easy to add a Gmail or Yahoo account. Those of us with our own domains can, of course, do this internally.

Date: July 2009

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