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3D-Printed food! CISA's router recommendations and my article on router safety.

3D-Printed Food!

CISA Secure by Design Soho Routers

CISA is America's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. They have a Secure by Design initiative and now have recommended guidelines for makers of home and small business routers. Other than "Be more secure", the specifics were three-fold.
  • Set the default to automatically update so security patches get installed. I've often recommended this.
  • Be sure the management of the router is accessible only from the inside, not the outside. Again, I've always recommended this.
  • Here's the new one. They want a physical button on your router that needs to be pressed if you are going to change the router settings. A great idea.

I'll be glad to help if you want me to check your router and review your settings.

One of My Articles on Router Safety

I've written about router safety many times, but here is one of my better articles. In addition to the recommendations of that article, I suggest restarting your router weekly. I've set mine to automatically restart once a week.

Date: April 2024

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