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Over 50 historical photos

From around the world, over 50 photos that illustrate so much about mankind. They have many widely diverse pictures, for example, and electric bathtub from 1910, Albert Einstein as a young boy in 1884 and Boeing 747 economy seats in 1970. I think I spent well over an hour looking at these. Then I started to read articles on the site.


Google settles $5 billion privacy suit

Google settled (actually come to a preliminary agreement) a 5 billion dollar class action privacy suit brought by California residents for violations of their privacy laws. Google was tracking users even when their "incognito mode" was enabled. Collecting information and selling it. Google claimed that just because a privacy or incognito mode was enabled, users shouldn't have thought that the sites they visited, or what they purchased, would be free from Google's spying. Apparently, their defense didn't fly.

By settling, Google will probably pay less than $5 billion. Lawyers from both sides will submit the final agreement for court approval by Feb 24.

Police Get Medical Records without a Warrant

From Bruce Schneier's blog.

FBI Warns of Widespread QR Code Scams

I covered these in January but if you'd like a refresher, the Epoch Times covered it Feb 18.

Date: March 2024

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