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Switzerland E-voting system vulnerable, Wyden want more transparency from government surveillance and 3D printed houses!

Security Vulnerability of Switzerland’s E-Voting System

Bruce Schneier reports on the flaws of any E-voting system, but takes particular aim at the flaws in the one being used in Switzerland.

Ron Wyden Wants to Compel Google and Apple to Reveal Some Government Mandated Surveillance

This TechCrunch article goes into some detail about how many governments are requiring Google and Apple to provide them with information about the notifications sent to users’ phones. These governments, including ours, gag these companies so they cannot report this surveillance, even in aggregate. Wyden wants to stop the gag demands, so these companies can be transparent.
"These companies should be permitted to generally reveal whether they have been compelled to facilitate this surveillance practice, to publish aggregate statistics about the number of demands they receive, and unless temporarily gagged by a court, to notify specific customers about demands for their data."

Wyden called on the Justice Department to repeal or modify "any policies that impede this transparency."

3D Printed Houses!

These can lower costs and increase strength. Could this be the beginning of a response to rising home costs? Here is a neat article in Pioneeringminds.

Date: February 2024

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