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Incogni Update: Data Broker Cleanup

In July of 2023, I wrote a review of Incogni's data broker removal service. I'd created an account in March. After another 7 months, I've learned a lot more. As a reminder, data brokers are the companies that collect information about us to sell to anyone. They sell to spammers, phone solicitors and potential identity thieves. Even if they remove your name, most brokers will acquire it again, so the process must be repeated every few months. However, they got me on a suppression list to keep me off 26 companies permanently. Ninety-eight companies have deleted me and 46 of them are "in process", which is continuous.

The cost is $77.88 per year.

What are the results?

It takes 8 or 9 months (perhaps more?) before you see significant results. Companies can take 3 months to remove your name. But even when your name is removed, it doesn't remove your name from the spammers or solicitors who bought lists before. It is only after those spammers buy a new list that you won't be on it.

After 9 months, I have a two-thirds reduction in my email spam, which is excellent. It is better than I expected. Also, I'm not getting any phone solicitors. So the service is a resounding success.

Will I renew in March?

I think so.

Date: February 2024

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