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Ad and tracking checking


I ran a battery of tests on five browsers with and without my favorite ad blocker installed. Here are the results and recommendations.

The Setup

On October 19, 2023, I ran some interesting tests at the d3ward's Toolz site: They run 150 tests to see if various ads and trackers can get through your defenses. 100% means it blocked everything. 0% would mean that every ad and tracker got through to harass or track you.

The Results

  • With Ublock Origin and DDG Privacy Essentials: 97% blocked
  • Without Ublock Origin: 37% blocked

  • With Ublock Origin: 99% blocked
  • Without Ublock Origin: 40% blocked

Google Chrome
  • With Ublock Origin: 99% blocked
  • Without Ublock Origin: 2% blocked

  • With Ublock Origin: 99% blocked
  • Without Ublock Origin: 2% blocked

  • Without Ublock Origin. Just native: 96%. I do this because Brave does such a good job natively it might not make sense to use anything else.

Interpreting the Results

I may have configured Ublock Origin a little differently at different times, and this is only one test battery with 150 tests. However clearly, Brave gives us excellent protection without needing any additional extensions. Ublock Origin works very well on any browser and there isn't much difference whether it is installed on Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi or Edge. Brave gives you excellent protection without even needing an extra extension.

Clearly, Brave is the most secure out of the box, but with Ublock Origin all the browsers can protect you well. It is also clear that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge should NEVER be run without a good ad-blocker and anti-tracking extension installed. I recommend Ublock Origin. You must make sure it is pinned to your taskbar so you can turn it off if needed.

It is also clear that Microsoft and Google are trying to make money by selling your information through tracking ads and other surveillance. I recommend against using either company's browser.

Where you can get Ublock Origin

Firefox users can get Ublock Origin from the Firefox extension store. Vivaldi and Chrome can get it from the Chrome Store. Edge at the Microsoft Edge Add-ons store.

Date: December 2023

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