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California's Delete Act


California passed a Delete Act which will create a central registrar for all data brokers and a central place for a user to opt out of all registered brokers. This will include audit requirements. Hopefully this will be an example for the nation.

Lawmakers in California passed California Senate Bill 362, also known as the Delete Act. Governor Newsom signed it. It will create a single place for all consumers to opt out of all data brokers. This seems like a wonderful idea. It directs the California Privacy Protection Agency to create a deletion mechanism that allows individuals to make a single request to delete their personal information from all registered data brokers in the state. This excludes first party data (data stores you actually deal with), and data collected for credit checks, insurance and some others. It requires data brokers to register with the state and disclose what information they collect.

It is criticized for hurting small businesses because it'll make it harder for them to target spam emails and postal spam. Boo Hoo. It will also require an independent audit every three years. Hurray. I wish we'd do that for our elections.

However, the bill leaves out social media companies and search engines which are massive sellers of personal information.

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Date: November 2023

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