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Some of us are getting older. I have noticed that there is an inverse relationship between how large the letters appear on my screen and my age. There is a very tiny free program available which allows me to press CTRL-1  and have a Magnifying window appear on my screen.  The magnification can be increased or decreased with either the mouse scroll wheel or the up and down arrow keys. I don't use it very often, but on occasion it is really useful.

Zoomit was written by Mark Russinovich at SysInternals, one of the most respected programmers. SysInternals was purchased by Microsoft, but they still allow the software to be downloaded and used. The program allowed him to zoom the screen and do annotations and drawings during presentations.

You can download Zoomit from Microsoft at http:⁄⁄technet.microsoft.com⁄en-us⁄sysinternals⁄bb897434.aspx

After you have downloaded and unzipped the file you may want to copy the file to a tools folder or some other folder where you store that sort of file. Then make a shortcut to it and paste the shortcut into your startup folder. There are pretty good instructions for finding your startup folder and pasting shortcuts into it here.

Date: January 2010

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