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Auto Reboot Your Router

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Why you should set your router to automatically reboot and how to do it.

Viruses and malware do get inside your router. This is why I recommend turning on auto update. Normally, these will remain in memory only, so a restart will clean them out. Routers also accumulate junk, so just like your computer, they benefit from periodic reboots.

It is simple enough to schedule a restart once a week and it can improve performance. I don't know how your router's menus are set up, but here's how my Asus router does it.

  • On the left menu panel toward the bottom select Administration
  • Choose the System tab.

Router menu

Then make sure you set the time and turn on Enable reboot.
  1. Be sure you set the time zone properly.
  2. Check the adjustments for Daylight Saving Time
config menu

3. Turn on the Reboot scheduler
4. Set the day of the week
5. Set the time

Set the time when you aren't in the middle of backing up the computer or making an image. I have local backups running at 2 a.m., images at 3 a.m., router reboot Wednesdays at 4 a.m. and Firmware upgrades at 6 a.m.

Date: September 2023

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