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For Fun, Something Different


Four very short videos of strange and scary things, a gutless wonder, The Blob, Men building the Chrysler Tower and a roller coaster becoming unhinged.

Some interesting, very short videos from a fellow I'm following on Twitter. He posts short terrifying videos

A gutless bug

This bug gives a whole new (literal) meaning to the insult "gutless wonder"!



The Blob

This is a Black Marine Flatworm eating a small crab



Men building the Chrysler Tower

Men working on the Chrysler Building, at a time when men were real men! Notice they all wear hats.



A roller coaster they finally decided to shut down

I heard that some of these were taken recently by a parent who posted the pictures on Facebook. Some days later it was shut down.


Here's a news story about it from The Charlotte Observer

Date: August 2023

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