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Two Useful Firefox Features


Two Firefox features you might not know about:
  1. How to tab back and forth through your tabs
  2. How to take a screenshot of an entire webpage, regardless of length.

Tabbing through tabs with Firefox and Thunderbird

If you have many tabs open (and who doesn't), Ctrl-Tab will move you through them from left to right (frontwards). Shift-Ctrl-Tab moves you back in time to previous tabs. Both Firefox and Thunderbird utilize this feature.

Full Window Screen Shots

Sometimes you want to take a picture of an entire webpage, even if it is three or four pages long. Firefox makes it easy to do this. Just right click on an empty part of the page. Then choose Take Screenshot.

Right click menu

For those of you with photographic memories, the shortcut key is Ctrl-Shift-s.

A little option menu will pop up in the upper right edge of the page giving the option of clipping the entire page or just the visible area.

Save full page button

Then, boom. It is done. You can then copy it, download it or escape.

Saving Regions

You can also save a region by dragging the cursor over your desired region. After selecting you can still change the size with the marker points on the edge of the area. You can also move the mouse around and Firefox will guess what you want to select.

These screen captures work on most webpages.

Date: August 2023

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