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How to Wipe Your Router and Why You Should

Preview:Asus Router

We've recently learned that our routers contain substantive information about us and our networks. It is important to wipe your old router before re-cycling it.

Eset purchased corporate routers to help test their anti-virus programs. They found enough information on those routers to hack into the company's networks. These had been given to recyclers who promised to wipe them. Don't trust people just because they say they'll clean your computers or router. Reset your router yourself. I'll take care of purging your computers or explain to you how to do it.

Resetting Routers

Do a hard reset. There is a reset button and you can press for 10 seconds. Most routers also have an internal way to do it. My Asus software includes an option to Reset, Save or Recover settings. It is under Administration on the Asus routers. Then, after choosing Reset you select Restore from the Restore/Save/Upload setting. Oddly, restore means wipe which I find confusing. They are restoring the factory settings.

This also applies to phones and tablets. Reset to factory default before giving them away.

Further Reading

Bleeping Computers reporting on Eset discovery.

Date: July 2023

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