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Hacked Ring Cams


Two men were charged with hacking Ring home security cameras and swatting the owners. They posted the fiasco online using the ring camera video.

Two Men were charged with hacking into Ring home security cameras and then swatting the victims while they recorded the event using the victim's Ring Cams! The events were then posted online. Swatting is reporting false charges of bomb making or hostage taking at the address of the victim. Police must act in case the report is accurate.

The feat was accomplished by hacking into the clients insecure Yahoo accounts. Yahoo was hacked 3 separate times from 2015 to 2017. Then, after gaining access to the accounts, they looked for Ring accounts with the same username and password. Remember, never use the same password twice. Those were the victims.

Brian Krebs wrote an interesting article about this and the men who did it.

Two Morals for this Story

  1. Don't use Yahoo for Email
  2. Don't re-use a password

Date: May 2023

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