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US Bank: Single Brain Cell

Preview:Silly clown with dunce cap

US Bank provided me with a wonderful laugh this month. While explaining how we should never click on links in unsolicited emails they ...

This was good for a laugh. I was amazed at US Bank's complete lack of self-awareness. They sent me an unsolicited email entitled: Protect yourself from identity theft. I thought, well, maybe this will be interesting. Will they give good advice? It ended up that it was only good for a laugh.

They suggested such brilliant warning signs as
  • Credit card charges you didn't make!
  • Debt collection calls for purchases you didn't make.

Yes, those could be clues, couldn't they?!

Then they move on to show me how to protect my personal identity. We should Go paperless so our statements aren't sent via mail and never click on links from unsolicited senders claiming to be from your bank or the government.

Here's a screen clip of the most amusing part of the unsolicited email.

Silly bad email from US Bank asking us to click on link in unsolicited email telling us not to click on links in unsolicited emails

Even though I didn't learn anything, I enjoyed the laugh.

Date: March 2023

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