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Interesting articles

Four articles I found particularly interesting last month.

BBC had this article about Meta's chatbot. Meta is the parent company of Facebook. It explained how this AI driven chatbot, which can chat on "nearly any topic". The bot claims that Mark Zuckerberg exploits Facebook's users for money. It has other interesting opinions as well.

WebsitePlanet did an article on Joplin, the note-taking app I use. I prefer writing in Joplin to any other program and have over 3,000 notes on everything from ancient Indian philosophy to setting up local accounts when installing the latest version of Windows 11.

How-to Geek did this article on AI friends. These are computer characters you create using apps. It's interesting to see the state of the art and what direction this is going. If anyone uses one of these apps, let me know. I'll try and talk you into doing an article.

How-To Geek did a most useful article on cold call scams which provided insight into how miscreants are exploiting gullible people. Cold call scammers claim they have a refund for you. They make a claim like your antivirus went out of business and the law requires them to give you a refund. Then the fun begins! Lots of good information here, regardless of who you are.

Date: October 2022

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