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How to clean up The Brave browser

Give Brave a cleaner look by removing the unwanted options from the taskbar and new tabs.

As I've harped repeatedly in my newsletter, I don't like Chrome as a browser because Google makes its money by advertising and selling our private information.? ? Vivaldi and Brave are my choices. But Brave has a lot of worthless icons most of my clients don't want. Here's how to clean it up.

Brave has this bizarre idea that people will use cryptocurrency to join their rewards program. The rewards program gives them cryptocurrency for viewing ads. Generally, my clients don't want Brave's rewards program and don't intend to jump into cryptocurrency to get what they don't want. So, we can remove all that junk and give Brave a much cleaner look.

Remove their Rewards Program

There are a few separate places needed to remove their program that rewards you for viewing ads. Let's start by turning off Rewards.

From settings you can turn off rewards.

Choose the options (hamburger menu) in the upper right corner then select Settings toward the bottom. From Settings choose Brave Rewards and turn it off. I also turn off these:
  • Brave Private Ads
  • Auto-Contribute
  • Show non-verified sites in the list
  • Allow contributions for videos

Next return to Settings and choose Appearance. Then turn on Hide Brave Rewards Button.

Brave also promotes their rewards through promotions from their home page. So, we want to turn off promotions on new tabs. From the new tabs page, choose the Customize button at the bottom of the first page.

Now you can turn off Show Sponsored Images

Customize your news?

While you're sitting there customizing your new tab page, Brave news is well worth checking out and customizing. It offers articles from many sources to give you a news feed tailored to what you want. If you're like me, you'll try and have many sources coming to you.


Date: March 2022

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