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Payment Options

3 better than checks payment options for my clients.

Most of my clients still pay me via check using my return envelops that I mail out with statements. However, the mail seems to be getting less reliable. One consultant told me about three checks that were lost on the way to her in the past two years. I just had one from a client that didn't arrive. Stop payments are expensive. I checked three common banks and the cost was either $30 or $35. It is safer and faster to pay electronically.

In order to facilitate electronic payments, I offer 3 different non-check ways to pay me. Of course I will continue to send out paper bills to clients who want them and include a return envelope.

The three non-check methods of payment are:
  1. Zelle: is a system banks have setup for immediate payments. It works great, is immediate and free.
  2. Paypal: has been in the payment processing business for years, and if you have a paypal account can be a good option.
  3. Credit card: I've recently setup an account with Square to process checks for me. Clicking on a link on my site will take you to my account at Square for payment processing by them.
Click on this link to get the specfics for any of these three options.

Date: February 2022

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