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Duck.com email addresses

Free email addresses from DuckDuckGo will strip out any trackers and then forward the message to you. Just sign up for an address and point to your current email address.

DuckDuckGo has added another interesting option. You can get duck.com addresses for free. These are useful for websites you sign into that might try to track you. When the site sends emails to that address, DuckDuckGo strips any trackers from it and forwards the email to you with a note regarding how many, if any, trackers it removed. They record nothing, and do not keep your emails. They just strip trackers and forward to any email address you like. If you are getting spammed from an address, you can deactivate it.

I found it interesting when I purchased a book from an unknown used book dealer, to see that originally, no trackers were used. But, later, as they sent me ads for more books, there was one tracker that went back to them. This is probably just to monitor who opens the emails and perhaps also who clicks on something. Mailchimp, my email service, does this for me. I track how many people open my newsletters and what links they click on to help determine what kinds of articles to write. (But honestly, I mostly just write what I want).

From Desktop

If you don't already have DuckDuckGo's privacy essentials browser extension, you'll need to add it to your browser. It is a good extension to have, and one I often recommend.

The extension blocks trackers, as opposed to advertisements, and then rates the site now that the trackers are removed.

From the extension icon:
  1. Select the Gear icon and then choose settings
  2. Enable Email Protection and get your address.

From Mobile

The program is still in beta, but you can sign up on the waitlist. To add yourself to the waitlist (or maybe just get added) just:
  1. Install their free DuckDuckGo Mobile browser for either iOS or Android.
  2. Open Settings, then Email Protection
  3. Click Join the Private Waitlist or sign up directly.

For more information

DuckDuckGo's announcement

Date: January 2022

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