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Everyone needs 2 browsers

If you don't have a backup browser, you will eventually get locked out of some site. These are my recommendations.
When your browser doesn't show a page properly, and you need it, what do you do?
  1. Turn off your adblocker and re-load the page
  2. Stop your browser's built in adblocking or popup ad blocking or third party cookie blocking. The button to access these is normally to the left of the address bar.
  3. Try another browser.

Sometimes, we just need to do the job and quit screwing around trying to figure out why it isn't working. Sometimes you'll just need to use another browser.

Browsers are based on one of three basic engines. These are the underlying code that all the browsers use.
  1. Webkit: Is used by Apple's Safari. They no longer maintain a Windows version, so this isn't a good option for Windows users.
  2. Firefox: Firefox has an older and a newer engine, but I have found no alternative browsers that use the newer engine. I recommend Firefox for one of your browsers.
  3. Chromium: The Chromium base is an open source base supported in part by Google. Many browsers use this engine. Of course there is Edge from Microsoft and Chrome from Google. I recommend either Vivaldi or Brave.

Have a browser from each of the two engines. For Windows, that means Firefox and also a chromium based engine. I don't like how Google tracks us and I'm not comfortable with their lack of built-in adblocking. Edge seems a little better, but not significantly. My clients using Edge or Chrome accumulate hundreds of trackers on their systems within a couple of months. Many times the number that any of my three recommended browsers accumulate.

So, use Firefox and either Vivaldi or Brave. Of course Edge is on all Windows 10 computers, so we can't avoid it completely.

Date: December 2021

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