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Imaging Your Hard Drive

score: 95 – April 2012 – Doing a monthly image of your entire hard drive allows you to quickly get up and running in case of a bad virus infection, Windows going crazy, or hard drive failure. It provides an additional data backup as well.

Image Backups

score: 70 – November 2017 – Include complete images in your backup regimen. This also means making and being able to find rescue media.

Adding Image Backups to your routine

score: 68 – December 2013 – In addition to data backups and online backups, image backups should be standard practice. They allow you go get up and running quickly if the hard drive fails, or Windows goes nuts, or you get a virus.

Planning the transfer to your new computer

score: 60 – May 2015 – Tips for making the transfer to a new computer smooth.

Macrium Image Guardian

score: 54 – October 2017 – Macrium Reflect has a new Image Guardian that protect your images from Ransomware attacks. Also, the free version is now available for single commercial workstations.

Additional expenses that come along with a new computer

score: 52 – December 2014 – When you buy a new computer, the additional expenses are often as much or more than the computer. In addition to the new box, what other things must you consider and budget for?

Computer Maintenance Basics

score: 52 – February 2014 – How to perform all the monthly maintenance tasks needed to keep your computer safe and profitable.

Controlling Your Backups

score: 38 – January 2018 – What you need to do to make sure your data is being backed up properly.

Get Hacked on NYTimes

score: 30 – March 2016 – Ransomware is being distributed on the NY Times, BBC, MSN and other legitimate sites. We will explain ransomware and how to reduce your exposure.

Upgrading to Windows 10

score: 30 – February 2016 – Who should upgrade to Windows 10? Who should not upgrade. How to you do it safely?

Monthly Maintenance

score: 7 – June 2018 – Monthly computer maintenance will prevent many problems, just like car maintenance prevents many automobile issues. I've updated my monthly maintenance form. Here are the instructions.

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