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DarkSky weather site

Article for: Anyone interested in the weather
Difficulty: Easy
Importance: Only to avoid getting caught in the rain

This is far and away the best weather site I've seen. It'll give you pinpoint weather predictions including information like, "Clear for 20 minutes, then rain for an hour." Which can be very useful if I'm trying to decide whether to take a walk now, or do some more work and then walk.

The above forecast appeared one afternoon while I thought it was raining. Then, I immediately went out for a walk and avoided the rain. The rainlessness lasted longer than the predicted 15 minutes.

Be sure and enter your actual address. I just used the city to start, but got a different and more accurate prediction when I entered my actual address. Rain sometimes starts sooner or lasts longer at my house than it did in generic Tualatin, Oregon.

Apple bought this company and has a great iOS app. For those of us with Windows machines or Android devices, just enter your address to get an accurate forecast, then copy the link to your speed dial or desktop.

Date: April 2021

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