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Macrium Image Guardian

Many software products tend to undergo continuous improvement. Macrium Reflect is one of those. For those of you using the business version Macrium Reflect to make images of your hard drive, it is time to update. Version 7.1 is faster and better than previous versions, but it has also added Macrium Image Guardian. Image Guardian stops all other programs from being able to write to a Macrium Image. So, if you were attacked by Ransomware, and it tried to encrypt your image, Macrium would stop it. This plus the other improvements warrant the upgrade.

There is no provision for upgrading from version 5 to version 7. So version 5 customers are treated like new customers and will need to pay full price. Business purchases within the last 12 months are or with current support agreements get a free upgrade. Older version 6 programs get a 50% price reduction.

You can check your upgrade options here: https://www.macrium.com/upgrade/viewoptions

Free Version enhanced and allows business use

The Free version of Macrium Reflect now, for the first time allows commercial use. The only restrictions are:
  • Fewer features
  • No Image Guardian (Ransomware Protection of image)
  • The rescue media must be made on the device which it will restore to.
  • No repair shops copying images to new devices
  • No deployment scenarios where an image is deployed to multiple computers.

However, this is a good option for home users or businesses that didn't want to pay $75 per computer for imaging software.

The link to the free version with a comparison to other versions is here:

Date: October 2017

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