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Interesting news

Uber's transparency report

Techcrunch article: Uber was forced to share rider and passenger data on 14 million people with various government entities.

CBS's 60 Minutes Hacks congressman's phone

The Hill reports on an amazing 60 Minutes show about our flawed cyber security.  60 minutes hacks a congressman's phone, starting with nothing but his phone number, for this report. Article, brief video and also full 60 Minutes Report is shown at the end of the article. The 60 minutes segment is 13 minutes  and I was shocked. Wow! Here's a link to CBS's transcripts.

Google finds 16,500 websites hacked each week

Google finds that 800,000 sites were maliciously hacked this year. 16,500 new ones each week. Of those that got cleaned up, 12% were compromised again within a month.

Date: April 2016

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