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Help With Regular Computer Maintenance

I have many clients on regular maintenance schedules. For these updates I access their computers remotely and perform a set of maintenance checks using the OCS Maintenance form. This includes:
  • Checking the Antivirus logs for issues. Making sure scans are occurring, updating the antivirus if necessary including license renewal.
  • Checking for other program updates like Keepass, Flash, Adobe reader, Skype etc. and performing those updates
  • Making sure all Microsoft security updates are done
  • Checking for odd startup programs
  • Checking for heat issues
  • Checking backup logs and making backups or even images if needed
  • Checking that temp files are being cleaned up and if necessary doing a deep clean
  • Checking that regular defragmenting is occurring on spinning drives and optimization on SSD drives if necessary.
  • Running a 2nd opinion malware program check

Most of my clients who use this service do it on a monthly basis, but some desire only quarterly or even semi-annual checks. When clients choose monthly updates, I setup software to allow me to login to the computer at any time and perform the maintenance. I usually do this after work hours, but sometimes arrange a time when the client won't be using the machine. For quarterly and semi-annual updates, I need the clients to be onsite to let me into their computers use RemHelp.

There is no extra charge for either system. You are charged for just the time you use and I attempt to combine computers by working on more than one computer at a time, and splitting the cost.

The Cost

Normally you would expect a flat per computer maintenance fee. So far, no client has requested this, and I just charge for my time. When clients do more maintenance themselves the charge is lower, when they do less, the charge is higher. So, when a client is busy they may leave it all to me, while when their work is slow, they might do most of it themselves. Monthly per computer costs have been as low as $19 and can run up to $70 or $80 occasionally. One client with 3 computers normally gets a monthly bill for about $120 or $40 per computer. Another averages about $55 per computer per month. It just depends on how much I need to do.

If Interested Call

If having regular checks on your computer seems like a good idea to you, call me at 503-244-7517 and we'll talk about it. Otherwise, just use my form yourself, and call if you need help.

Date: December 2013

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