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Collected Articles regarding Snowden and NSA Surveillance

I've collected some links to what I think are some more interesting articles and sources regarding the Snowden papers and the ramifications of NSA Spying. I will probably be adding to this list periodically, as new facts are revealed. Feel free to check back.

  • The Guardian is one of two newspapers contacted by Edward Snowden and given his documents. They collect and organize all their articles here. This is probably the most complete analysis anywhere.
  • Bruce Schneier considers the NSA spying in MIT's Technology Review. Bruce Schneier is working with the Guardian to review and organize the documents. This gives him better access than just about anyone. He is also one of America's foremost cyber-security experts.
  • LoveInt (NSA employees spying on lovers)
  • Possible Windows 8 Backdoor
  • My thoughts on Security Versus Freedom
  • Surveillance Self-Defense: Electronic Freedom Foundation
    The Electronic Freedom Foundation has a Surveillance Self-Defense Project.
  • How US and UK Spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security. In depth Guardian article from September 2013 about SigInt and other NSA programs to undermine all Internet encryption. 
  • NSA purchases zero-day exploits from security firms. Article discusses the NSA purchases from the underworld as well as legitimate security firms of exploits to software. It explains how they try and keep these exploits open so they will continue to be useful to whoever discovers them.

Date: October 2013

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